3H Communication Systems

An ISO9001:2015 certified wireless infrastructure and microwave solutions company

with decades of expertise in RF filters and front-end systems


Under our strictest US government security clearances, we work with 1st and 2nd tier defense contractors from DC-50 GHz.


50+ years of combined experience making low PIM and high power products for telecom markets, covering 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G standards.

Fire & Safety

3H products enable first responders, fire safety and emergency personnel to wirelessly communicate with minimal interference.


3H precision frequency control solutions will keep interferences at minimum, and play a large role in the collision avoidance systems.

Air & Space

Our products are designed to meet the harshest of harsh space environments accounting for altitude & temperature effects.


Our small and light filters can play a vital role in healthcare. Battery operated devices will benefit from our lowest loss filters.

3H Communication Systems, Inc. is ISO9001:2015 certified premier high value microwave and RF company supporting the military and commercial markets with RF Filters, Duplexers/Diplexers, Multiplexers, Multi-Function Assemblies, RF Front-End Solutions. The high degree of engineering and technical capability focused on innovation with decades of expertise for low cost and high quality RF products allows 3H to offer premium microwave and RF filter products and solutions at discounted prices. 3H understands that highest quality is achieved when quality is designed in and potential problems are designed out. 3H works with customers to achieve optimal solutions for both performance and price. Highest achievable quality does not have to be expensive.

3H Communication Systems’ employees are our #1 resource and take great pride in customer satisfaction. We will work continuously to make you successful. We understand that we will win only when you win. Our engineering staff offers extensive modeling in custom housings to accommodate any configuration required by our customers. We use the most advanced software techniques to model electrical performance under extreme conditions including power and environmental conditions.

Our software techniques allow 3H Communication Systems to accurately simulate performance thus reducing the prototype time allowing for a short delivery of custom products. We offer filters from DC to 50 GHz in containerized, Pins, SMT and Leadless packages as well as many of our products are also available on tape & reel.