Ceramic Filter Products

3H Ceramic filters products offer high Q, low insertion loss while minimizing size. 3H can design for combline or Multi-Mode ceramic loaded cavity filters. 3H ceramic filters can also be design for high power applications. Our ceramic filters can be connectorized or SMT with tape and reel packaging. Sizes as low as <0.1”ht can be provide.
• Frequency Range: 200 MHz to 6000 MHz
• Type: BPF, BRF
• Bandwidths: 1.0 to 10% (available in 0.5, 1.0, 3.0 dB Bandwidths)
• Chebyshev Response (other responses are available)
• Available with Connectors and SMT
• Low profile packages start at <0.1” ht.
• Available with High Power options
• Mil-Std-202 Conditions